Imported Food Section

We aim to develop and provide high quality food products from all over the world to satisfy the unique needs of our Japanese customers from maker, re-packer, distributor, food chain, retailer to consumer. We will make suggestions according to your needs, so please feel free to contact us.

Main handling items (Import)
Miscellaneous beans, soybeans, peanuts, dried fruits, nuts, cans, olive oil, grape seed oil, liquors, beverages, Chinese seasoning, rock salt, brown sugar, frozen foods, etc.
olive oil
grape seed oil
dried fruits
LIGO cans
Miscellaneous beans
Chinese seasoning

Food Export Section

We aim to develop and market the niche products from Japan to the growing China market where we have our Group sales distribution network in place.

Main handling items (Export)
SAKURA eggs, juices, frozen fisheries, fruits and vegetables, processed products, poultry etc.
juices, egg
fish, seafood
mafuro sashimi

Motor & Machinery Export Section

As well as Honda luxury passenger cars, Isuzu trucks, auto parts and industrial machinery are exported to China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Singapore, and have a high share of the local market.

Main handling items
Passenger cars, commercial vehicles, automobile parts, oils and fats, generators, etc.
honda JAZZ
automobile parts Denyo DCA-800SPK
oils and fats
oils and fats