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Entering the 21st century, it is remarkable that Asia plays the roles of supply base and consumer market along with the progress of cross country distribution and communication. There are in Asia beginning with Japan as one of the eminent technological countries, China possessing huge purchase power of 1.2 billion people and Southeast Asian nations playing the role of production base for IT business and spreading further to other businesses. Utilizing the Dah Chong Group network in this large Asian economic zone, Dah Chong Hong (Japan) Ltd. makes efforts to enrich peoplefs life with more convenience by introducing excellent commodities from the world to the people of Japan and from Japan to the people of the world.

Also, we are aiming to be an enterprise that brings up talents with international perspectives and assists to help promote the limited resources of the earth for the happiness of people.


Latest News

2017.09.06 ¡

The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Tokyo) of The Government of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is organising "Hong Kong Cup All Japan University Student Ambassadors English Programme 2017-2018 ", also under cooperation from DCH Japan as cosponsor.
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2016.05.01 ¡

Board of Directors was renewed.  Mr. LAU Sei Keung was appointed as Chairman and Representative Director in place of Mr. Simon CHEUK.


Mr. Koichi HOSOGAI was appointed as President and Representative Director.

2012.12.07 ¡

Group's introduction corporate video was added.
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2012.05.25 ¡

Our facebook page has opened. Wellcome to visit.

2011.01.01 ¡

Mr. Simon CHEUK was appointed as Chairman and Representative Director in place of Mr. Nakamune OKAMURA.

2010.01.01 ¡

Board of Directors was renewed. Nakamune OKAMURA resigned the position of Representative Director and President, and was appointed as Representative Director and Chairman. Koichi HOSOGAI, the successor, was appointed as Director and President.

2009.01.01 ¡

The businesses of Adachi Trading were transferred to Dah Chong Hong (Japan) Ltd.



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